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Doitify is a software for project management and remote teams. It helps you organize your projects, view employee performance, and communicate through online chat. It improves efficiency and productivity by accurately displaying project status.

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Task Role Controlling
With Task Role Controlling​ in Doitify, project managers can easily assign roles to team members, ensuring efficient task management, collaboration, and accountability, leading to successful project completion.
import and export
Doitify’s import and export feature simplifies project management by allowing users to effortlessly transfer SubTasks in and out of the system, ensuring seamless task management and progress tracking.
daily work report
Doitify’s Daily Work Report feature enables users to keep track of their team’s daily progress, ensuring timely completion of tasks, efficient resource allocation, and successful project delivery.
project calendar

Doitify’s Project Calendar feature offers a visual overview of all project-related deadlines and milestones, allowing users to stay on top of their project schedule and ensure timely completion of tasks.

project gantt chart
Doitify’s Project Gantt Chart feature provides a comprehensive visual representation of project tasks, timelines, and dependencies, enabling users to plan and manage projects effectively, ensuring timely completion of tasks.
Real time chat
Doitify’s Real-Time Chat feature enables team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time, ensuring swift decision-making and efficient task management, leading to successful project completion.
Record Online/Working hours
Doitify’s Record Online/Working Hours feature enables teams to track and monitor their working hours, ensuring accurate and efficient time management, leading to timely completion of tasks and successful project delivery.
View employers screen while working
Doitify’s “View Employers Screen While Working” feature enables project managers to monitor their team’s work progress in real-time, ensuring efficient resource allocation and timely completion of tasks, leading to successful project delivery.
Display employee performance
Doitify’s “Display Employee Performance” feature provides insights into employee performance, enabling project managers to identify areas of improvement, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure successful project delivery through effective team management.
Checklist for each subtask
Doitify’s “Checklist for Each Subtask” feature enables users to create a detailed checklist for each subtask, ensuring efficient task management and progress tracking, leading to timely completion of tasks and successful project delivery.
conversation in subtasks
Doitify’s “Conversation in Subtasks” feature enables team members to communicate and collaborate on specific subtasks, ensuring efficient task management, swift decision-making, and successful project delivery.
set status of each subtask
Doitify’s “Set Status of Each Subtask” feature enables project managers to track the progress of each subtask, ensuring efficient task management, progress tracking, and successful project delivery within the stipulated timeline.
Doitify offers a range of other facilities that you can explore by visiting the website and signing up for the project management tool. You can then work with these features to manage your projects efficiently, effectively, and successfully.
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Looking for a specific feature or facility for your project management needs? Contact us at Doitify and let us know! Our team is always ready to explore new ideas and provide solutions for efficient project management.

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